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Registre - Paolo Dessi

Paolo Dessi, Urgel Bourgie / Athos

Paolo Dessi
1945 - 2013

Parents et amis vous demandent de signer le registre à la mémoire de Paolo Dessi
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Riccardo Dessi
30 mai 2013
Caro Papa, You were always an inspiration to me in every possible way. I always admired my father and had a great deal of respect for him. I've always looked up to you as a strong, loving, caring father who would do anything for his family. You were a hard worker but what I admired from you is that you did it your way and lived a life many would love to live. I have countless memorable moments which I am grateful for and will always cherish in my mind. My father loved to travel, loved to cook, loved cars and loved sunday drives with the top down. He was definitely a storyteller. There was something in the way he told a story that was very intriguing. He would make you believe every word he'd say even if sometimes he would exagerate a little. His voice would fill a room and when he laughed you could hear him from down the hall. I will miss my father more than words can say and will never forget him. God bless your soul...till we meet again
David Marzella & Family
29 mai 2013
To the Dessi Family, our deepest sympathy. Paolo was a great man and will always be remembered. May you rest in peace Paolo. I can't believe you left so fast.Our prayers go out to you and your family.
Sabrina, Domenic & Luigi Paolo
29 mai 2013
My dad was an amazing husband, father, brother & grandfather. He loved life & enjoyed every minute of it, he loved his sports car, travelling, playing cards, he loved having fun, joking & of course he loved taking care of his family. He was always there for us in every way, we couldn't of asked for a better father. He loved spending time with his grandson even if it was for a short time he brought him lots of joy. He will always be with us...always & forever.
Nancy Khalil
28 mai 2013
I have a hard time finding words to explain how painful loosing you is... I am left with soooo many good memories and laughters that I will cherish forever!!!! You were the father that is missing in my life and I will love and remember you forever! I believe you are in a better place now with a rested soul... Till we meet again ....
Chighe (tuo fratello Marco)
28 mai 2013
A mio fratello Paolo.Spesse volte in questo mondo ci chiediamo a noi stessi, se avremo il tempo di vedere, e di fare tutto cio che si desidera è purtroppo spesso il nostro cammino è interrotto dal destino.Odio questo destino che ti ha portato via, ma c'e una cosa che il destino, è nessuna cosa al mondo mi portera mai via l'amore, l'amicizia, il rispetto che ho sempre avuto per te.Dove tu sia, il mio cuore, e il mio penziero sara sempre con te.Ci rivedremo un giorno.
Fleur de soleil ( Michelle)
28 mai 2013
Je me souviendrai d'un homme doux, tendre & rempli de sagesse. Un homme présent & plein de réconfort. Un homme droit,généreux & très affectueux pour sa famille dont il était si fier. Un homme avec une belle âme,un grand coeur,un esprit pur & plus que tout d'une grande sincérité. Je prie pour toi,ta femme Francesca, tes enfants & ton petit-fils. Repose en Paix!
Franca Zappavigna
28 mai 2013
Paolo, you will always be remembered in our hearts. Franca and family treasure the laughter and joy that he brought into your lives and take comfort in the fact that he loved you all unconditionally. In memory of Paolo our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Franca, Jimmy and Jennifer Zappavigna-Rodi.
Sandra C
28 mai 2013
Dear Paolo,you will be forever missed,always in our thoughts and prayers.deepest sympathies to the family.
Mary signorile
28 mai 2013
My deepest sympathy to the family,
Adriana and Michael
27 mai 2013
Hi daddy, you left us way too soon. You were a strong, loving, funny, caring man who loved life and didn't get to see enough of it. You will be forever missed and thank you for everything you've done for me. Love you always and forever daddy.
Famille Marco Dessi
27 mai 2013
Même si ces mots ne peuvent faire disparaître le chagrin ressenti, ils traduisent la plus sincère sympathie. De tout coeur! ...Paolo occupera pour toujours une grande place dans notre coeur.
Anna Di Rienzo & André Montpetit
27 mai 2013
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.